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Leslie Groene Website Homepage June 2016, Vol. 132

Brain Surgery or Not So Much....

You know that saying 'well, it's not brain surgery' or 'it's not rocket science?' Recently I had a friend that in fact did have brain surgery and it was stressful for a while but turned out with a positive result. I was thinking about the brain surgeon and how much pressure he must feel with that sort of 'job' and how much responsibility he has for the patients' outcome.

We are not brain surgeons and I wanted to put some perspective into that expression- our clients depend on us to come through with our respective commitments to them on their projects or products. We must deliver what we agree to as it is just as important to our clients for their needs. In our own selling environments we may just be the 'brain surgeon' to them and are the ones that they need to fix a bad or difficult situation.

We may not be in a life or death situation but someone's job may be on the line, our solution may provide them with an important legal standing or a major financial strategy that can impact the client if we make mistakes or miss deadlines. I know that we can make an important difference with our clients even if we are not brain surgeons or rocket scientists!

Focus Point

61. To get new business, use all your ammunition to sell your client.

Get a good opportunity to make your case in front of the key decision-maker. This is the time to mention your qualifications and track record, as well as your firm's track record in the industry if it will help. It's also the time to identify all the primary benefits your client will get from working with you. If your company is small, you'll talk about personal service and commitment. If your company is large, you'll talk about client savings that result from all the business your firm books.