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Leslie Groene Website Homepage March 2017, Vol. 141

Selling Tips to Make YOU Even Better!

1. It's not what you say; It's what your customer believes.
You can have the best sales presentation in the world, but if the customer doesn't believe your proposition, then you don't have a chance. Take the time to engage with the customer.
Ask questions and let them tell you their wants and needs (can you conduct an effective needs assessment?) Sometimes they don't know what their needs are and you'll have to guide them, but in the end, if they don't believe it, you don't have a chance.

2. Never go into a sales call not knowing how you're going to close the sale.
You must have a commitment objective. If you don't know where you're going, then how will you get there? The most common part left out of any meeting or presentation is the close. Upfront planning will help you develop the strategy for each account and your course of action for each opportunity.
This does not mean you're only going to use one type of closing technique. On the contrary, it means you're going to be ready to close using several different techniques based on what the customer tells you.

3. Have a dedicated time set aside either daily or weekly to do your prospecting.
Too many salespeople find themselves spending far too much doing everything else but prospecting. Many sales people stop prospecting all together when they have developed a nice book of business. If you don't plan and schedule prospecting and hold yourself accountable, you won't do it.

4. Believe in yourself and what you're doing to help your customers.
Why should anyone buy anything from anybody if the person from whom they are buying doesn't even believe in it? There's a reason why confident salespeople are more successful. We must understand how our product or service is helping our prospects or clients with their objectives!

5. Show up and show up on time.
More sales are lost because the salesperson either failed to show or failed to follow-through. It's a sad comment that something that basic and easy could deter more sales, but it's a fact. This is the main reason why when companies are looking for salespeople, I tell them to find candidates who have a proven track record of self-discipline.

Focus Point

70. Don't sweat the small stuff.

We've all had people in our office who seem to get worked up and testy about almost anything. Most successful people don't have time for such foolishness. They've learned to focus their energies on what they can control and change, and not to let the little things get to them.

When you're new in an office situation, it's really important to give yourself a chance to pick up on the ebb and flow of that business environment so you look like you know what you're doing (at least some of the time!). A tip: Find a friendly and knowledgeable person during your first week to give you the "lay of the land" so you can fit in and make your mark by simply selling. Don't get flustered over trifles. Try not to be noticed too much until you really have a sense of how to handle yourself in this new environment. Just apply lessons you learned in your previous job and school situations, and adapt!

This challenge is another reason to consider doing an internship while you're still in school. That way, you can learn things in a relatively low-pressure setting - because no one expects much from an intern in the first place. So when you surprise them with your wonderful qualities and valuable talents and skills, you might just be getting an inside path to your first job after you graduate! Lastly, by gaining a perspective on things and knowing when to assert yourself, you'll be ready to meet life's challenges.