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September Sales Success #4

16. Never Give 100%:
The customer should never hear your entire sales presentation! If you have to deliver the whole thing to make a sale, you either haven’t developed a very good presentation or you shouldn’t be selling. The purpose of the sales presentation is to assist you, the salesperson. It is not so you can assist the fancy, glossy sales materials or the super-slick PowerPoint presentation.

Great salespeople never have to deliver their entire presentation because they’ve taken the time to over-prepare. They’ve built sales materials around any type of concern they may face and are ready to deal with an objection should it arise.

17. Know the Influencer:
With many sales, it appears there is only one person involved in the decision-making process. Yet, more times than not, another person is behind the scenes influencing the decision. When you make your sales call, always assume there is an influencer and expect to deal with him or her.

To find out who that influencer is, use probing questions with the customer such as: Who else in your organization is typically involved in decisions such as this? When decisions like this have been made in the past, what are some of the things others have said? Where does a decision like this rank in terms of other decisions you typically make?

18. Universal Question Starters:
There are six universal question starters you can use almost anytime and anywhere in a sales presentation. They are: Who?, What?, When?, Where?, Why?, and How?. A perfect place to ask one of these is when you’re not sure where to go with the discussion and/or are afraid of losing control.

19. Sales Advocates:
The best way to make a sale is to have someone else make it for you. You do this by creating sales advocates. These are people who are so impressed with what you offer and/or the way you sell that they tell others about you even without you asking. If you haven’t obtained any sales like this, then you don’t have any sales advocates and, more importantly, your sales process and/or service may not measure up to what people expect.

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Webinar: Best Tips for Customer Service Reps
Don't be just Customer Service Reps, also be a Sales Person!
Customer service is important to your business because it is often the only contact a customer has with you. When they have a question or product issue, they expect your customer service department to resolve their issues. AND LETS NOT FORGET, while your customers are on the phone, it is your customer service duty to up sell, but knowing the right time to do this is key.
September 22nd 11:00am PST
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Lunch with Leslie:Prospecting Re-Imagined
What does it take to engage with a new prospect? How to upsell a current client? We will discuss strategies to be effective with building new relationships and deepening existing relationships. We will explore how social media and using your networking can fast track prospecting!
September 27, 2017 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Coaching Center of Orange County
1231 E. Dyer Road, Suite 215, Santa Ana, CA 92705
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Webinar: Discover Your Selling Power
The cold call is dead, and for salespeople to be successful, they must be great prospectors, planners, and researchers--with the end-goal to become great at consultative selling. This sales process is all about spending time with customers, listening and learning about their business processes, and how they can be supported with new solutions. Today's successful sales reps know and understand their client's business needs, are geared for longer sales cycles, and is ready to help solve a customer's problem. It is this approach that strengthens the relationship which is critical in this business climate.
Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 10:00am to 11:00am
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