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Leslie Groene Website Homepage March 2018, Vol. 152

Stuff that Really Bugs Me (and your clients, too!!)

There are actions that sales people seem to repeat that are unprofessional...either they don't know these thing are annoying or they have never heard the advice.

  • When leaving a phone message say your phone number slow and repeat it twice- I hate it when I have to listen to the message repeatedly to get hear the number!
  • Always leave your phone number for a client so they donít have to look it up. Donít assume that they have your contact info saved (youíre not that special) and provide the phone number to them so that if they need it you have made it easy for them.
  • When you are using your cell phone for business make sure that you answer the phone professionally no matter where or what you are doing- or donít answer it!
  • Don't have a client call your office number and then make them dial another number such as your cell phone which requires them to make 2 phone calls instead of one
  • Always include your email signature on your email messages whether you have initiated the message or you are responding to one -that way the client can quickly and easily access your phone number if they want to call you(don't' assume that have your number on file)
  • Don't multitask when you are on the phone - clients can hear you typing on the other end of the phone!!
  • Never deliver bad news in an email - always speak to your client and provide options.
  • Don't be late for meetings and appointments!!

And Ė One more thing!! I was at a meeting at a restaurant with a new client and was listening (actually eavesdropping) on a sales rep in a meeting with a prospect. She started the meeting saying "this demo is new and I donít really know how to show it yet". It was so hard for me not to walk over to her and tell what I thought! Make sure you are prepared to show the 'new demo' or are better at faking it!!

These simple ideas may seem obvious but many sales people donít pay attention to these things. Clients may not complain and yet be put off by them. The smallest things can differentiate a great sales rep from a good one!

Focus Point

80. Think about team selling!

It's here and it's only getting bigger! Team selling uses the same accountability principles that I use in my coaching practice. When you commit to an objective or a task, your teammate is counting on you to follow through. Also, all of us have a number of strengths and weaknesses. Wouldn't it be great to find a teammate and sales partner whose strengths are your weaknesses and whose weaknesses are your strengths?

However, be careful that your teammate is not just along for the ride off your efforts or unique talents and skills. This is one of the most important decisions that you will make, so I suggest that you take a little time to get to know your associates before rushing off to the field as the newest team in the office.

You will need to employ the same keen observational skills that you used for finding your mentor. Don't rush in; wait to team up with a partner who will truly complement your efforts.