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Summer & Fall Sales Success! Part 4

Presentation Sales Tips

43. Listen to an energizing song before you make calls so you sound upbeat and engaged, not tired or checked-out.
44. Only present solutions that are relevant to the prospect (even if that means leaving a really popular feature out of your presentation).
45. Buyers don't care about your product's bells and whistles -- instead, highlight how those bells and whistles translate into real business value.
46. Don't be afraid to ditch your presentation agenda if the prospect is focusing on a different topic or area.
47. If you're using a presentation deck, make sure it doesn't take attention away from you. Successful salespeople are trained to capture and manage customers' attention; you don't want to give authority away to the deck that's behind you.
48. The longer your presentation lasts, the less impact you have.
49. To show you're truly paying attention, write down the prospect's objections.
50. Adapt to your customer's buying process rather than trying to force them through your funnel.
51. Come up with a main objective for your call or meeting (a follow-up meeting, a product trial, purchase terms), along with several alternatives you can present if it's rejected.
52. If you overpromise, you may win the deal ... but you'll face unhappy customers down the line.
53. Don't get mouse-happy -- whizzing around your product's interface will make your audience dizzy and distract from your key points.