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Top Qualities of Salespeople Part #2

Welcome to 2021- Hopefully, the sales environment will return with the opportunity to engage with our customers and prospects more fully. Focus on your strengths and use them to propel you forward and help you stay in the game!

7. Patience
Sales don't always go according to plan with every prospective customer. Some prospects may need more time and nurturing than others and a good sales rep understands this and allows them to take the time they need. This doesn't mean they don't follow up with them; it means they aren't pushy, and they maintain a good attitude throughout the duration of the sale no matter how lengthy it may be.

8. Big Picture Thinking
Harnessing the ability to zoom out and take a bird's eye view will give you the energy to ride high when things are down. If you're up against a tough quota, a streak of 10 bad breaks might seem like a disaster. When you look at the big picture - how sales fits into the partnership of marketing, product development, and strategic goals - things often look brighter.

9. Initiative
A great salesperson doesn't wait for inspiration. They find it. They take the initiative to come up with new ways to sell and communicate with their prospects. Essentially, the good salespeople find a way, not an excuse.

10. Passion
When you were growing up, your parents probably told you to "love what you do." The workdays feel dreadfully long and doing something you aren't passionate about will just bore you to death. A successful salesperson has a passion for making connections, building relationships, and closing deals. It's what keeps them going through good times and bad, and they are still able to walk out the door each day knowing they're happy at work.

11. Tenacity
Sales takes a lot of hard work and mental stamina. Salespeople must deal with a variety of personalities, and they must endure prospecting to find qualified leads. A tenacious nature allows salespeople to be persistent and unshakeable.

12. Multitasking Abilities
Salespeople must do a lot of things at one time. They must juggle multiple deals and respond to inquiries through phone and email channels at the same time. A salesperson that can multitask is an asset to any company's sales team.