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Leslie Groene Website Homepage July 2021, Vol. 192

What it Takes!

I recently had lunch with 2 of my long-term friends who are both consummate, dynamic, evolving salespeople. They possess skills that set them apart in the world of relationship selling. We discussed how much more is required of salespeople today to keep revenues up, customers happy and attract new clients.

Some of these winning skills and characteristics are:

·       You have to want it

·       Passion for your industry

·       Ambition to succeed

Ability to Adapt

  • Learn from success
  • Learn from failure
  • Skill and desire to accept and deal with change
  • Understand and embrace your weaknesses
  • Grow and mature in the process

Team Player

  • Care about the people that you work with
  • Care about your clients
  • Say Thank You!
  • Be proud of your company


  • Stay focused on the goal . . . your goal
  • Get re-focused when hurdles are present
  • Keep a positive attitude


  • Stay in the game - it takes even longer today to close business
  • Keep working on your prospects
  • Keep prospecting
  • Use positive things/people to get you to the next plhase
  • Don't give up

Believe in Yourself!

  • Fake it at first if you must
  • Celebrate wins
  • No negative talk
  • Use your strengths to gain success