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Leslie Groene Website Homepage July 2022, Vol. 204


8 Selling Tips for the Second Half of 2022!

1. Merge the Old with the New
It is critical to know current market trends and become familiar with how people think and act. When you focus on customers' wants and needs, think beyond your product and services. The goal is to help your customers find a solution to their problems. This allows customers to see the value you offer and create trust. With trust comes relationship and investment in you!

2. Become A Trusted Advisor
What decision makers today are looking for more than ever are trusted advisors. To become a trusted advisor, a rep needs to leave their sales baggage at the door (meaning company brochure-speak, training processes, quota pressure and so on) and focus on a true desire to help the prospect solve a problem. People don't want to be sold; they want you to help them decide to buy.

3. Utilize In-Person, virtual and Social Selling Platforms
Follow a successful "hybrid" sales and prospecting process which includes remote/virtual as well as in-person selling. Learn to utilize social selling platforms. Concentrate on the leading indicators of success (behaviors), not just the lagging indicators (dollars/orders). Follow a behavioral plan and hold yourself accountable for it. Ask for feedback and critique. Become a lifelong learner.

4. Ask Good Questions and Actively Listen
The most revolutionary selling technique is the Socratic method of active listening combined with asking questions that allow potential customers to realize what their real needs are. The most professional sale is the one made by the client. A few good questions may be enough to generate interest in buying.

5. Connect with Your Customers' Values
Your customers desire a personalized, customized experience. Ensure they feel that you care and that you connect with who they are and what their values are.

6. Build Honest Relationships with Customers
The most important advice I can give salespeople is to build honest relationships with customers. You should want to help them get the results they want. Remember that customers are less interested in the product than in the result. Your product or solution may only help solve part of their problem; help them solve the other parts too.

7. Build Relationships the Old-Fashioned Way
Think about building relationships the old-fashioned way. Take someone out to eat. Invite them to a talk. Send them a thoughtful, handwritten note with an article in it that you cut out of the newspaper or a magazine. Ask them to be a part of something that matters to you in your community or in the community they may share with you. Try to focus on building a more personal relationship and not so much on making transactional sales.

8. Seek to Understand Before Offering Solutions
Meet your clients where they are. In today's environment, it is imperative for the "modern salesperson" to develop a curious mindset and seek to understand before offering a solution. Think about the mindset that "diagnosis before prescription is malpractice." Take time to develop an inquisitive mindset so that you can understand the needs of your audience before offering a solution.