Winning with Leslie Groene January 2010
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The Perfect Day to Make Prospect Calls!
The answer is: When ever you will or can! There is so much speculation that there is a "best" time to call referrals or prospects to introduce yourself to them and offer your value proposition.
  • It is Not Monday morning!
  • It is Tuesday though Thursday!
  • It is Friday morning!
  • No, wait it is really Monday afternoon!
We can all make any excuse to not make the phone calls and the day of the week or time of day are just a couple of the excuses the we can use. There are many more reasons that sales people fail and don't make the necessary effort to grow or sustain their "book" of business. Take a look at what excuses you allow to keep you from reaching the goals that you desire.
Now that we in 2010, you can recommit to creating the plan and taking the necessary steps to execute the plan...and that includes making contact with prospects on ANY day that you can!

Focus Point
84. Eat out often.
We have already discussed the importance of maintaining "face time" with your clients. When you're starting out and attempting to build your sales practice, meals will provide you with an excellent means of reaching all of the key principals who need to be part of your sales team.

When Tom was establishing his sports marketing practice, he had more than 50 lunches with individuals who were already established in this industry. He did his homework so he knew as much as possible about the individual he was inviting to lunch. After a few minutes, Tom's enthusiasm for the sports marketing industry would become apparent and the individual would begin to "talk turkey" about potential avenues for mutual gain. It was a lot of work, but this process helped establish his firm and led to his first couple of clients.

There is just something about breaking bread with someone that is a good thing. That's why I continue to utilize lunch or dinner (if applicable) as a primary method of spending time with my best clients or potential clients. And I always pick up the tab!

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