Winning with Leslie Groene March 2010
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How are you doing so far this year?
As the year gets going, it is a good practice to evaluate your progress in terms of your goals for the year. If you break down your revenue goals into 12 segments or months, you will realize that 1/6 of the time has now passed. In my coaching practice, I ask my clients to put their goals down on paper and along with that I request that they make a list of selling strategies or create a sales cycle customized to that client or prospect and a timeline to keep them on track. Use these tools to stay on top of your goals moving forward!

Focus Point
86. Reward yourself on a regular basis.
When all is said and done, we do want to receive some enjoyment from life while we're carving out our niche in our industries. In the early days of my sales career, one of my mentors shared with me how she stopped at a little place each day for a small snack or treat to reward herself for a job well done that day.

Obviously, you can expand upon this concept and make your treat a little larger. Remember the example of my client Susan, who wanted to attain a new kitchen and placed the picture in her office area to remind herself of that objective? You could take the vacation that you and your family have been planning, or you can buy yourself a special gift you've been wanting.

But the important thing is to take care of yourself and not just your clients in this lifetime. If we lose that sense of ourselves and our days are only filled with tasks we need to do, and with deadlines (such as quotas) that we need to meet, we won't maintain our balance or motivation for very long.

So remember to incorporate the power of the reward into your daily efforts.

Leslie quoted in Selling Power newsletter
Give Boring the Boot
As with any ongoing activity, meetings can become routine, boring and stale. You can rev up your meeting quotient, says corporate coach Leslie Groene, author of Picture Yourself and the Life You Want (Tiger Publishing, 2003-2004), and the beginning of a new year is the perfect time.
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