Winning with Leslie Groene April 2010
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5 Bad Habits To Break Now
  • "They Won't Care if I'm 5 Minutes Late." - Tardiness is disrespectful. Period. There are a million excuses for being late, but they are all just that - excuses. Recognize that being late is a choice, not a condition beyond your control. CHOOSE TO SHOW UP ON TIME. It's amazing what can happen.
  • "I Know I Left those Notes Somewhere. . . " - GET ORGANIZED. Not only do a messy desk and files covered in post-it notes send a bad impression to both clients and the boss - clutter can truly keep you from achieving your goals. Disorganization slows us down, and takes away focus. If you can't stay focused on where you're going, you'll never get there.
  • "Jeans are 'Business Casual,' Right?" - Wrong. "First impressions are made in less than 5 seconds, and are based in large part on clothing and appearances. Be conscious of the fact that what your wear reflects your credibility, LOOK THE PART, and be sure your clothing sends the impression that you want to convey.
  • "My Company is so Lame. I Hate This Job." - STEER CLEAR OF NEGATIVITY. If you don't like your job, quit and find a job you do like. You alone are responsible for the success of your career, and you alone are to blame when negativity leads you to failure. Don't sit around the office and bad-mouth the boss. Instead, make a change and stay positive.
  • "Why do Today, What I can Put Off Till Tomorrow." - GIVE UP PROCRASTINATION FOR GOOD. Take an honest appraisal of your priorities and evaluate if you are spending your time where it matters the most. We procrastinate the most when we are choosing to spend our time on unimportant and time-wasting activities.

Focus Point
87. Stay up when you're selling!
The next time you close a big deal you've been working on for a while, take a moment to think of every other potential client or deal that could be addressed as well.

What am I getting at here? Simply this: The best time to sell is right after we get "a win," because making that sale gives our confidence a big lift and we feel as if we're suddenly on top of the world.

When we feel like this, we want to maximize the potential results. So postpone the celebration for one day. Take advantage of the momentum and "edge" you now have, and get out there and close those other deals!

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