Winning with Leslie Groene May 2010
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Here We Go Again!
I can not count the number of times that I have heard sales people(and sales managers) tell me that they have lost a big account though on fault of their own. The reasons vary from:
  • My buyer lost control of the decision
  • Purchasing got involved in the decision
  • The company went out of business
  • My customer lost their client so they don't buy my product or service any longer
All of these are unfortunate indeed and these real life examples remind us of the importance of making prospecting a priority and very necessary(even when you are busy and think that you have plenty of accounts!) I have met sales professionals who have lost sight of the value of keeping a prospecting plan in place and then find themselves having lost big projects or revenue and have to rebuild their business.

Please keep prospecting as you will surely lose a big account some time soon!

Focus Point
88. Celebrate your wins.
After you've continued to work through the immediate "afterglow" of your "win," do take some time to celebrate. Also, when you break through and become a member of a higher sales level club, pat yourself on the back and find a meaningful way to reward yourself for the accomplishment.

These "wins" are the outcome that we work to achieve. When we get them, we need to enjoy the moment and add that luster to our lives. However, there are certain individuals who don't take this approach. Everyone is unique, so if something works for you, go with it!

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