Winning with Leslie Groene June 2010
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Yesterday there were elections in many states across this fabulous United States of America. We get a chance to exercise our freedom by casting our vote. Do your clients have the freedom to "cast" their vote your way? Do we create compelling reasons for them to "vote" for us when they can? How can we differentiate ourselves from the other candidates?
This may not seem like it is a relevant comparison...but don't we in some ways "campaign" to have our clients award us the project or service? So...
  • Are you trust worthy?
  • Do you follow through with the promises you make?
  • Is your company well respected?
  • Will you get re-elected( awarded a second project?)
  • Would your client recommend you to someone else?
  • Can we reinvent ourselves to beat out the competition?
  • Do you have a competent loyal "staff"
  • Do we listen to our customer's concerns and then take the appropriate action?
Take a look back at your career and examine the times when you were not awarded the project and evaluate the reasons why: could you have done more to influence your client so you would have prevailed?

Focus Point
89. Have a buddy!
Whether it's a family member or your best friend, youneed to have a buddy you can confide in when you needto talk to someone. It's a two-way street; you can be agood listener for your buddy as well. We all need to beable to deal with things and get them off our chest so wecan keep going!

It's also a good idea to have a sales buddy as well. If you'repart of a two-person sales team, it might be our partner.But sometimes we'll select someone for that role whomwe're not working with every day. You'll know the personwho is best for this in your office when you find him or her.

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