Winning with Leslie Groene September 2010
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Are You Ready to Go "Back to School?"
Summer is winding down and as the kids prepare to go back to school they are focused on which classes to take and how these classes fit into their goals so that they can move on to the next level or grade. Most of these goals or stages are determined by parents, administrators or other school professionals so the kids have much of there schooling journey laid out for them even though they have choices within the overall plan.

As we also head "back to school" this month, have you considered:
  • What "classes" you need to take or which skills you need to retool
  • The fact that we are never finished learning
  • Whether you have prospected enough
  • If your current clients know how much you appreciate their business
This is also a good time to refine your goals for the balance of the calendar year and look toward 2011 in regard to where you want to be in your sales career.

Focus Point
92. Give your coach your total "buy in".
Once you are confident that you have secured the services of the coach you want, take the next most important step in assuring the success of this program. Do your part to make this endeavor successful. During your sessions, be forthcoming with your objectives for the program. When your coach gives you homework to do before the next session, give this work the attention that it deserves. Unfortunately, some individuals never really make a complete commitment to their coaches. They may hold back important information or view this whole process as something that is being foisted upon them by their sales managers.

If this is the case, it will be readily apparent to your coach. In time, your coach may decide that you are not worth the effort and decline working in your behalf. Your coach may become discouraged by your lack of effort and that may impact the coach's view of your prospects.

When I determine that a client has not "bought in" to the program that we have mutually determined, I have a heart-to-heart with the client and provide one more opportunity for the client to commit. Naturally, I realize that circumstances sometimes are beyond the control of my clients. Sometimes, a client's time will be drained by a successful business deal and since facilitating my clients' success is the very essence of the coaching relationship for me, I do make accommodations for such situations.

However, when the client is just not up for our program, I believe it is better for all concerned for me to terminate our relationship. Fortunately, the vast majority of my clients have gone "above and beyond" my requirements and the outcomes have been positive!

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