Winning with Leslie Groene December 2010
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Favorite Dish; College Degree; Secure Retirement; Fitness Goal; Family Trip to Europe; and Having a Successful Company!
Over the years, I have come across owners, sales managers, and sales representatives that do not value or understand the importance of a goal or plan. We create a goal every time we decide to do anything that is more than impulsive such as the examples listed above. These small and some larger, life changing goals ALL require a plan, some plans are a 4 year plan as in college or 10 minutes of writing down the ingredients to our favorite dish.

It is pretty difficult to complete a substantial goal without a well thought out plan. As we approach the new year, take some time to think about what you want to accomplish in 2011 and beyond and then craft a plan that you can modify as you go but gives you enough structure to make decisions and allows you to take the necessary steps to reach the milestones you need along the way.

Make the plan so that it includes things like "grow my revenue by 10% in 2011"; "secure 5 new customers in 2011"; "increase my profits by 12% in 2011"; etc. Your goal can be 1-5 years in duration and with it build a plan to enable you to break down the goal into action items which make up the plan. If you have a frame work to start with, it will be easier to adjust the goal when obstacles or new opportunities come along!

Focus Point
95. Overcoming the bumps in the road.
How many of us have known people with one primary personality characteristic that seemed to hold them back in their lives? Do you know the "know it all" who just has to let everyone around him know that he has an answer for everything in life? This person may be perfectly suited to win a fortune on a game show that rewards such behavior but most of us really don't appreciate being around such an individual!

What about the person who can never make up her mind? She can literally be paralyzed by her inability to commit to a course of action or a decision. Then there is the "perpetual student" type of individual who seems to want to avoid ever having to actually make a living. This person takes a stream of endless classes and extends the duration of his collegiate career to five, six or even up to seven or eight years!

Hopefully, most of us don't fall into the above personality types. However, we will encounter things along the way that may throw us off stride. We may experience temporary financial difficulties. We may end up in a relationship that is really harmful to us and to our sense of selfesteem. We may become embroiled in a litigation or dispute as a result of a specific client or transaction.

It is essential not to allow your focus to get stuck in the past on a problem or difficulty. You must maintain a positive frame of mind and continue to keep moving forward in your life. What may seem to be "the end of the world" will often be resolved and you can't focus all of your energy on such "bumps in the road". Make sure that you become mentally tough and surround yourself with individuals who are there for you and will provide the counsel and wisdom that you need when the going does get tough!

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