Vol. 79 January 2012
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Well, What Do You Know?!
No Really...what do you know?
A client recently shared with me that he does well in a down economy because he works really hard to stand out among his competition and offers leading edge technology and competitive pricing. His thoughts are that buyers and decision makers are trying really hard to make their mark within their companies, trying to reduce their companies costs and/or improve the quality of the products or services they buy.
As the new year begins, think about what new things you have learned that can help you differentiate you from your competitors; ideas that help them further develop their brand; new solutions that inspire them to try a new product or service that will save them money. . . .
Many industries have mandatory continuing education so these professionals are required to sharpen their skills and stay up to date with new ways to do business. Make sure you are adding to your 'tool box' so you can add more value to your customers' business and attract new prospects with your ideas and cutting edge solutions.

Focus Point
8. Smile and look directly into the eyes of your clients and associates.
Our eyes are the portals of our bodies. When you flash a friendly smile and look into another person's eyes in a friendly way, you are accepting them and validating their importance to you. Conversely, if you avoid another person's eyes, you are acting as if you have something to hide or as if they don't merit your full consideration and attention.

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