Winning with Leslie Groene December 2011
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Service and Attitudes!!!
It is interesting to look at the world around me through the eyes of a sales coach and consultant...always evaluating the service of a company's personnel or their sales person. I seem to see and ultimately measure my experiences by 'do they treat all of their customers like that?' 'why did they say that', 'do they have any clue what conclusion I come to when I hear that?'

I had a couple of interesting things happen while on a recent business decide how you would judge the companies...

Boarded a one hour flight at 9:30am out of the Los Angeles area and requested coffee and the flight attendant told me that there was no longer coffee on short flights after 9:30am..oh really I said.. and he said that that was the new policy of the airline.(he did not offer me any other explanation except I could have diet coke)

Upon my return home from said business trip, I realized that I had left a small(high end brand) travel case behind at the hotel. I called and was transferred to the security department and they said in fact they did have the case and would send it to me. I received it via registered mail a few days later with all of the contents intact.

With the first story, I was disappointed that I could no longer get coffee but more displeased with his 'dismissive, snotty' attitude and demeanor. The second story was worthy of a letter to the manager of the hotel to express to him a 'thank you' to his staff for not only turning in the case but sending it me so promptly.

Below are some statistics about clients and what drives them away...make sure you are aware of how your service and attitude affects your clients!
  • 96% of unhappy customers do not complain, they just stop doing business with you.
  • 91% of those who don't complain will share the negative story with at least 9 other people, 13% will tell more than 20 other people about their experience.
  • The average unhappy customer will remember the incident for 23 years.
  • The happy customer will talk about the pleasant experience for 18 months.
  • For every complaint heard, the average company has 25 other customers with the same problem.

Focus Point
9. Say "thank you" when someone goes out of his or her way for you.
Yes, we do know how obvious this tip is. But you wouldn't believe how many individuals continually fail to acknowledge their family members, friends, associates and even clients for the courtesies and special considerations they give on a daily basis. Such failure and omissions are simply "kindness-killers." Virtually no one will continue to extend such favors and gracious treatment to such clueless recipients.

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