Winning with Leslie Groene May 2013
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Passion - a strong liking or enthusiasm for a subject or activity
So many times I meet sales people who have so many great qualities: product knowledge, organizational skills, great people skills, but they do not possess enough passion to be really successful. I don't think you can be a super star without:
  • passion for your industry;
  • passion for your clients' needs;
  • passion to go the extra step;
  • passion to learn new technologies or services;
  • passion to deliver an outstanding service or product;
  • passion to be consistent in your prospecting activities;
  • passion to stay in the game when it gets tough....
Next time you feel overwhelmed or discouraged, get in touch with your passion and it will see you through to the next step. Your passion can help you stay in the game so you can develop a new customer or overcome the objections that come with selling current clients additional solutions.

Focus Point
24. Be conservative in your projections when starting out in your career or new venture.
We've all heard stories about an inventor who came up with some incredible idea and started a little side venture that sprouted into the next giant international corporation. Well, it can happen if you actually put your ideas to work. One thing that will help you along the way is to be conservative in your allocation of resources in the start up phases.

Why not start your enterprise in your home and/or garage? If you absolutely need a business address, rent a post office box or mail service at one of the office suite rirms if you can. (The suite companies may not be in your location, but anyone can rent a post office box.) If you're starting a new venture that involves more than yourself and your immediate family, you will need an office, but just dial it down a couple of notches until you really know that the business to sustain you will be there. Keep yourself on a tight budget while you take your business to the next level.

Naturally, there are a couple of exceptions to this basic premise. If you are real estate sales professional, your satellite office is your automobile. I would advise you to save and scrimp and somehow manage to lease or acquire the most elegant car that you can afford. In this case, you will be asking your clients to trust your judgement and advice in (for most of them) the biggest investment they will ever make. It will be in your favor if you like like you've done this before. Also, all sales and business professionals need to dress in a professional manner as well. There will be more specifics to come on this, but suffice to say that you need to project a completely professional presence with you clients and associates.

Selling Strategies Webinars
Printing Industries Alliance has partnered with the Printing Industries of New England to present this four-part webinar series designed to ramp up your sales skills - and take them to the next level. The webinars will be led by Leslie Groene, an author and nationally-recognized sales trainer for the print and graphics industry. Sign up for one or all four of the webinars. Members: $55 per webinar or $180 for the series Non-Members: $75 per webinar or $260.00 for the series

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May 2

How the Experts Earn Long-Term Accounts



Your customers are under more pressure than ever to control costs and to find smarter ways of getting things done. The status quo just isn’t good enough. That means they’re more likely than ever to meet with one of your competitors who promises a new and improved solution that saves money and time.

• Customer Retention: The Four Open Doors

• Account Retention: Little Signs of Big Trouble

• Angry Customers: The Three R’s for Dealing with Hostility


May 9

The Keys to Consultative Selling



Everybody in sales says they’re a consultant or that they sell consultatively, but is it really true? Consumers don’t just expect this expertise – they now demand it! How do you measure up when it comes to being truly consultative?

• Learn why consultative selling is becoming the only way to sell

• What are the changes you need to make in order to be consultative

• Understand why is it so difficult and what is getting in the way


May 16

Up Selling: It Can Be Done!



Acquiring new customers requires time and effort, but once onboard they create excellent opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling. By asking the right questions and making appropriate suggestions, you can significantly increase their overall purchase level, add revenue to your company’s top-line, and satisfy your clients all at the same time.

• Strategies for selling more solutions to current clients

• Best practices for up-selling customers

• Learn what skills you can use to increase revenue with strong relationships


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