Winning with Leslie Groene August 2013
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"Back to School"
Summer is winding down and as the kids prepare to go back to school they are focused on which classes to take and how these classes fit into their goals and objectives so that they can move on to the next level or grade. Most of these goals or stages are determined by parents, administrators or other school professionals so the kids have much of their schooling journey laid out them even though they have choices within the overall plan.
As we also head "back to school" in the fall, have you considered what "classes" you need to take or which skills you need to retool?
What new technology, product or software, sales or business development or CE training sessions are you considering taking this fall? It is always a good time to update your skills and knowledge base to keep up with the market place and your customers knowledge levels. This is also a good time to refine your goals for the balance of the calendar year and look towards 2014 in regard to where you want to be in your sales career.
Are any of us really done learning? Keep your outlook fresh and stay ahead of the competition in your field by learning all you can to improve your selling "game!"

Focus Point
27. Maintain good client contact, especialy with your best clients.
We all have primary clients who account for much of our incomes. These "keeper" clients need to know we are there for them. They need to be our first priority in our workdays. Many of my best clients are too busy for lunch. So they really respond when I bring lunch to them! I get face time and they get convenience (and a nutritious meal).

Make an effort to keep yourself in front of your key clients in quality ways such as these:

a. Provide critical updates concerning areas of interest to them.
b. Avoid e-mailing jokes to your clients unless your client is somewhat unique and has a penchant for the latest joke. Being a comedian is not the perception you want. Busy executives already overwhelmed by communications often find it an annoyance.
c. Provide your clients with requested bid and quote info and the latest requested materials (including presentations and demos.).
d. Put together your own in-house newsletter list so you can share your latest accomplishments with your "warm" receipients.
e. If the material that you are providing to your client is timely and important, always opt for the greatest impact possible - either deliver it in person, or if the client is out of town, overnight it for the next morning delivery. This does make a difference!

Upcoming Events
Webinar Series

Time: 12:00 - 1:00 PM
Cost: PIASC Member $65 each -or- $220 series
Non-Members $95 each -or- $340 series

September 17th - What is in Your Tool Box?
October 1st - Estimating Strategies and Capture Ratio
October 15th - Asking for the Next Step and Closing Techniques
October 29th - Case Study Development and ROI

More Information and Registration

PIM 2013 Summer Management Conference
August 13, 14, 15, 2013
Boyne Mountain, Michigan
Focusing on Sales Management and Breakthrough Marketing
Presented by: Leslie Groene
Thursday August 15, 2013
8:30-11:30 am

More Information and Registration

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