Winning with Leslie Groene November 2013
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It's Never too Late (or is it?)
I have been hired to help many sales people and companies over the years and have observed that sales peoples, leaders and owners can almost always improve their top line and generate more revenue within existing customer and find and acquire new customers.
What it takes to ensure that these things occur requires a concerted effort, diligence, consistency and the real desire to make things happen. That means that you need to actually make prospecting calls, go and visit your current clients to say thank you, ask for referrals, add new solutions in order to sell more things to current clients, make sure you have the right tools you need market facing, and get training (when needed) to upgrade your skills and execute effective selling strategies.
It's not too late if you really want to put in a consistent, well thought out effort to keep current clients and find new ones. The mistakes some people make is that they think 'it' (meaning revenue growth) will 'magically' happen and that they simply have to wait for it or just wait it out. There are many proactive things you can do to really make it happen and build your book of business so that you are a dynamic, evolving solution provider looking toward the future.
Figure out what you need to do to restart, revamp, and ramp up your prospecting activities so that you can attain(or maintain) the success that you want to achieve. It is not enough to just talk about it you have to DO it . . . and over again!

Focus Point
30. Get your phone calls returned by offering good news.
Remember an important but simple fact of human nature - all of us like to receive good news. When you're dealing with the decision-maker's "gatekeeper" (or a voice mail), just let them know you've got good news to share. But you will need to have something that will actually interest your intended decision-maker!

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