Winning with Leslie Groene January 2014
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2014- Make it Happen!

1. Customers don't buy features. They invest in outcomes.

2. The most successful salespeople know that price is neither a feature nor a benefit.

3. Push yourself to move away from bringing up price in your conversations with customers.

4. Get to the business of explaining how you can help the customer with their desired outcomes.

5. No matter how low the price, if the product or service doesn't help the customer achieve their desired outcome, low price means nothing.

6. If you can't land the customer at the profit margin your business plan is built upon, then that particular customer is not worth having.

7. Maintain a strong pipeline of prospective buyers.

8. Never attempt to close a sale until the customer has identified to you the benefits they want and the needs they have.

9. As tempting as it can be to close a sale quickly, the pressure of the price discount is many times what emerges when you close too early.

10. Strive to know at least three customer needs or desired benefits.

Focus Point
32. Avoid career deal-breakers such as:
a. Driving under the influence. Obviously, this behavior may take other human lives and put you away for an extended vacation. However, many of us don't realize that many states now employ .08 alcohol blood level standards that can be reached in as little as two or even one drink (if your bartender is looking for a tip and is generous with the portions). Unfortunately, often the person with a problem is the last to know and if you are one of these unfortunate individuals, it may take going through a DUI to cure you (or not).
b. Financial improprieties (even cheating on your expense account can bit your). Be scrupulous and get approvals from your management before taking any advantage in any way.
c. Bad-mouthing your firm or your manager, your associate or a rival. One fact of life that everyone in the entertainment industry is aware of: You never know who will be in charge in the future. So be very careful not to let your emotions run away with you when bad things happen. Some firms have ruined their own reputations by bad-mouthing successful employees or representatives who had the audacity to leave the firm. This type of behavior won't impress anyone who matters, and it could get you or the firm sued!

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