Winning with Leslie Groene February 2014
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1) Forget Resolutions - Make a Plan. Most people want to magically move from point A to point Z, but don't have even an outline of a plan to get from point A to point B, and from point B to point C and so on. Break lofty goals up into manageable steps and your likelihood of success increases tenfold.
2) Focus on Your Strengths. Backsliding is not failure. It's easy to see what we haven't accomplished, rather than the steps that we have taken. Any effort or energy you give to what you haven't accomplished will only slow you down. Celebrate every accomplishment, keep the momentum, and look toward the future.
3) Learn Something New. There is no better way to evolve as a human-being than to make a commitment to life-long learning. This year, take a class about something of interest to you, be it personal or career-oriented. If not this year, then when?
4) Live Gratefully and Give Something Back. Be aware of the wonderful things in your life and find an outlet to give back a fraction of what you enjoy. Giving back feeds our souls and enables us to gain perspective on how we can become even more successful.
5) Spend Time with Positive People. Surround yourself with people who support your goals and endeavors. Spending time with people that bring us down or focus on the negative side of things challenges focus and positive attitude - both of which are essential to achieving success.
6) Relax and Take Time for Yourself. You cannot achieve any goal if you are uninspired, overworked, and out of balance. Take time out and be good to yourself. Read the good books you never seem to have time for. If you are not adding knowledge to your mind and nurturing your soul you cannot grow.

Focus Point
33. Roll up your sleeves, because over-achievers don't work 9-to-5!
If you want to be the best, get ready to work harder than you have ever worked in your life. If you are a recent high school or college (or professional school) graduate, the party is over and now is the time to really get serious about your future!

Highly successful individuals work long hours. There is no getting around this necessity. If you have just joined a top law firm and you want to make partner-shareholder status in seven years, get ready to work 70-80 hours per week so you can bill a minimum of 200 hours per month.

Remember the time log process I mentioned? One reason I insisted upon it is it will help you see where you really are in terms of time and productivity. Sadly, many of us who think we are working 35-45 hours per week are truly only working 20-25 hours because of the negative habits and distractions that creep into our days.

Obviously, your work ethic will have a strong impact on those who are closest to you. There will need to be a support team around you in the form of a spouse who will pick up the slack for you at home if you are married and with children.

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