Winning with Leslie Groene May 2014
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10 Ways to Explore Your Sales Commitment Level! Part 2
11. You never accept good enough as good enough. Top reps don't need anyone managing them and can push themselves to keep engaged in the process. You also know how to spot a good manager or mentor and learn from them or emulate them!.

12. You don't see failed sales attempts as failures but as investments in the process. If you don't close a business deal, don't think of it as a failed attempt. You should know that some attempts pay while others don't, but they're all investments in the business.

13. You never give up on unsold clients, knowing that someday those clients will buy. Remember that you're growing your business, so if you experience a failed attempt, think of it as an opportunity for the future but be aware of time wasters that are not engaging with you.

14. You squeeze hours out of minutes and weeks out of days. Great sales people are like magicians with time. They don't manage time, they create it and they make it work. Plan your work and work your plan! Work on your business not just in your business!

15. You see problems as opportunities. When a problem comes along, you see it as an opportunity. If you don't have any problems, it means you don't have any value.

16. You invest in your education, development and personal motivation, knowing that these are the tools of a sales professional. These help you to continue to invest in your game; much like a professional ballplayer is always practicing.

17. You invest in your career, your business and your customers. Again, this is all an investment. Invest in the facility and remember that all of this is like watering the lawn. If you take care of your career, business and customers, the money will eventually come.

18. You hold yourself to performance standards that are higher than even your management does. No manager can know your actual potential. Only you know your true potential so put yourself on a higher standard than others think you're worth.

19. You don't need others to hold you accountable. You hold yourself accountable, possessing leadership traits, motivational ideals and purpose. Your career is in your own hands and you are in charge of your sales destiny.

20. You are constantly in think, plan and prepare mode in order to continue to build your client base and keep your pipeline full. You can't ever have an "off" button! You are the force behind your passion and the drive necessary to be successful!

Focus Point
36. No one is immune to the consequences of poor driving habits.
Think twice before cutting off too many other drivers on the way to your client's office, because one of those drivers just may be your client! Also, driving is not a right, it is a privilege. Too many tickets and accidents can not only cost you money, they can jeopardize your license. Often, one of the primary reasons for our speeding is our tardiness. Start giving yourself an extra 15 minutes to get where you need to go, and an extra 30 minutes if you are going to see your client or attend an important meeting. This one change will do wonders for you.

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