Winning with Leslie Groene August 2014
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Make the Most of Your Relationships!
We have 3 different things to focus on in the current marketplace...maintaining market share with current clients, finding new clients and winning back lost accounts. As you can see from the chart below, these 3 business components will have a different spilt depending on your own mix of accounts, available time to prospect and objectives with growing your revenue. And we should always be looking to see where and how we can get back lost revenue from a client.
It is essential to make sure that your relationships with current clients are as strong as they can sales person said to me "I can't believe my client went out and got bids. They haven't done that before"! Well that sales rep was not connected enough with his client and was not privy to the latest pressures that the client was under to cut costs.
If you are not close to the support staff within your clients' office then get close - these people have a lot of control and influence and know many goings-on at the office. Go see your clients in person to stay connected, re-connect and let them know how much you appreciate their business. Complacency is deadly now more than ever!
I am a big proponent of prospecting, as most of you know, and am equally aware of importance of maintaining the market share that you currently have (and at the same time increasing that market share) and we are fighting to minimize attrition at the same time as we are focused on finding new clients.
Stay in the game and be persistent!
Lifecycle Priorities

Focus Point
39. Be the professional in your office environment.
Even if the protocol for your sales presentations is to take clients into a closing office or a conference room, they could still end up in your office or cubicle. So make sure your work space is always fastidiously neat and organized. For real estate professionals, the same rule applies to automobiles. Get rid of old newspapers, wadded Kleenex, coffee cups, etc.

As we've said earlier, make your automobile one of your best investments. Don't mortgage your future by buying or leasing a car that is totally beyond your means, but do think about the image you want to project to your clients. This is especially true in real estate; many sales associates and brokers drive luxury automobiles because the car is where they and their clients will spend most of their time together.

Also, when you open up your briefcase or leather bag, make sure everything is neat and in its proper place. Don't be searching for papers or fumbling around when you need to be closing your client. When it comes to this step in the sales process, don't leave anything to chance. Care enough to go the extra mile. Prepare your surroundings and presentation materials (your offer forms and disclosure information) for presentation to your client in the most professional manner possible. If you expect your clients to sign or complete an offer form, you'd better have a pen — and a backup! — ready to hand to them.

Just remember, all these rules are for our own success in sales. After all, it's hard enough to close a deal in the first place without shooting ourselves in the foot!

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