Winning with Leslie Groene January 2015
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6 Tips For Success In 2015
1. Forget Resolutions - Make a Plan. Nobody accomplishes anything of significance by trying to do it all at once. Most people want to magically move from point A to point Z, but don't have even an outline of a plan to get from point A to point B, and from point B to point C and so on, While it's easy to Picture Yourself & the Life You Want, the difficult part is actually getting there. Break lofty goals up into manageable steps and your likelihood of success increases tenfold.

2. Focus on Your Strengths. Backsliding is not failure. It's easy to see what we haven't accomplished, rather than the steps that we have taken. Any effort or energy you give to what you haven't accomplished will only slow you down. Celebrate every accomplishment, keep the momentum, and look toward the future. Make sure you maximize your strengths, and minimize your weaknesses.

3. Learn Something New. There is no better way to continually evolve than to make a commitment to life-long learning. I meet people everyday who act like they have nothing more to learn. Even the biggest 'know-it-all' doesn't know everything. Education paves a pathway to success. I believe you can never be too educated. This year, take a class about something of interest to you, be it personal or career oriented - you've probably been meaning to but haven't gotten around to it. If not this year, then when?

4. Live Gratefully and Give Something Back. Be aware of the wonderful things in your life and find an outlet to give back a fraction of what you enjoy, such as a charity, animal shelter, church group, mentoring program or career training center. Giving back feeds our souls and enables us to gain perspective on all that we have and how we can become even more successful.

5. Spend Time with Positive People. Surround yourself with people who support your goals and endeavors. Spending time with people that bring us down or focus on the negative side of things challenges our focus and positive attitude - both of which are essential to achieving success.

6. Relax and Take Time for Yourself. You can't achieve any goal if you are uninspired, overworked, and out of balance. Take time out and be good to yourself. Read the good books you never seem to have time for. If you are not adding knowledge to your mind and nurturing your soul you can't grow.

Focus Point
44. Deal with the challenge of cold calling.
Never has it been more difficult to call someone you don't know. You have to be aware of don't-call requests and more red tape that regulates whom you can call and when you can call them.

Follow the letter of the law, but do find a way to keep reaching out to new prospects. Remember how Tom reached out - with the alumni newsletter for his prospect "farm" from his high school. Plus, he turned a difficult task into the fun of catching up with his classmates and their parents.

You can produce newsletters; many firms can provide you with source material on your industry. Also, you can phone clients with the latest update or development that should matter to them. But get ready for some rejection. It comes with the territory. Don't take it personally and don't allow an abusive response to one of your inquiries to trigger inappropriate behavior on your part.

It helps to set a regular time for your cold calling. Also, do a quick inventory of your special gifts and talents to see what might help you break the ice with potential clients.

A word to the wise, though: Some old lines just don't work anymore. People have gotten much more sophisticated and much less patient when talking to strangers on the phone.

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