Winning with Leslie Groene February 2015
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Setting a Sales Goal is like Using a Recipe to Make Your Favorite Dish!
Imagine that you want to make your favorite dish, maybe mac and cheese, marinated beef, guacamole, or many other great foods. You would use a recipe to make sure the ingredients are all there and in the correct propositions as well as following the cooking instructions.
Consider that setting meaningful yearly sales goals as the same sort of equation: add current account projected revenue along with new account revenue, mix in effective use of selling tools, a large quantity of relationship development and a splash of luck with enough time for all of it to come together.
So take a look at your revenue from last year by account. Consider what is currently going on in each account, what will happen throughout the year and 'project' a revenue amount that you can get from said account. Then build a prospect list and assign each 'target' a revenue goal for the year. When you combine these numbers, you should have the revenue goal that you are shooting for in 2015.It is important to allow the right amount of time to reach your goal(just like when you cook your recipe). So divide your revenue goal into 12 month segments and then you have a manageable monthly goal.
What you are doing is creating a goal for 2015 based on account performance from the past combined with your strategies on growing and maintaining these revenue levels.

Focus Point
45. Make those warm contacts.
Here's good news if you absolutely despise making cold calls. You can find success by cultivating your warm list of prospects. Start with the ones you already know, and then increase your universe of warm prospects by networking in your industry and community. After all, the ultimate goal of any successful sales professional is to establish a large and fruitful farm of warm prospects.

As we've mentioned, volunteer activities let you meet new individuals in your industry and your community in a more neutral and social setting. Another good way to build your warm farm is to obtain personal referrals from your existing warm list.

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