Winning with Leslie Groene April 2015
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Selling Best Practices! Part 2
Manage the Relationship not the Project!
As we try to sell more solutions to current clients, we must remember to make sure that the relationships are still intact. I find some sales people focus on the project and do not pay attention to the client's needs and concerns. As relationship sales people, the relationship is the most important part of the process.

Show You Give a Damn About Presentation
Make sure that every aspect of how you present yourself, from your business cards, to your website, to your social media profile, shows care and effort.
Show that you care about your brand, your service and the people you deal with. This manifests itself in the smallest details, more than anything else. This can be elaborated on in two ways. First, dressing like someone who is a professional in your industry in a way that you are comfortable, will make you begin to actually feel the part and improve and strengthen your own brand in the process.
Second, perhaps you want to present your brand in the way you dress and present yourself. Got a favorite color that you might want to wear consistently?

What Time Do You Open for Business?
A couple of weeks ago, I went to a high-end store to purchase a product and arrived a few minutes before it opened. The store signage indicated that it opened at 11:00am and as we waited out front I noticed that there was a company meeting being conducted inside. Well, as we waited outside with a couple more customers, they continued the meeting for another 5 minutes well past the posted opening time at which point we left to purchase our item from a competitor. This has also happened to me at a large national bank where I waited at the door past their posted opening time while they conducted an internal meeting. In both instances the employees inside could readily see that there were customers waiting outside. Make sure you are available to help your customers (and prospects) when they want and need you!

Send a Handwritten Note
Sending a handwritten note after your first sales call or presentation will dramatically increase your chances of getting a return call. Why? Because a handwritten note increases your likeability, helps make the prospect feel good about you and encourages them to take your calls.
It never ceases to amaze me at the number of emails I receive from clients and prospects thanking me for my handwritten notes. Obviously, they have an effect on people that yet another voice or email doesn't.

Go Where the Prospects Are
How about a trade show where your prospects might be? You may be the only one from your particular industry in attendance so you can gain access to these prospects ...or at least pick up lots of leads! One of my clients attended a huge trade show where there were 1,500 exhibitors!

Strive for Excellence and Beyond
How can you add further value to your products and particularly your service? Adding consistent and unexpected extra value to your services will become part of your brand. Define your core strength, and work it. Ask yourself, what do I do that I am most proud of, and revolve what you do and the way you sell yourself around that.

Focus Point
47. Determine who the real players are and find a way to get their attention.
No matter how many billions are at stake in a given industry, it is quite easy to determine who the primary movers and shakers are and how to reach them. The hard part is finding a way to truly stand out to them. That's where your homework can help you. Many such people are in trade organizations, social causes or other groups, so volunteering might get you an introduction.

Sometimes you might only need to show up and tell them what you can do for them - your competitive advantages might be enough to get you in the door. There is no one answer or proven means, so it is up to you to get your foot in the door and find a way to sell.

Play the percentages and spend your time going after actual clients who will buy what you're selling. Find out who these decision-makers are and design the best plan to get you and what you're selling in front of them or someone they trust to screen for them. Once you get in the door with the client, close it to your competition by becoming indispensable to them.

At this point, your goal becomes having your client become your promotional representative by telling friends about "this incredible supplier who has really made a difference for me!" Later we'll talk extensively about "word of mouth" referrals, the true gold standard for sales.

Things don't get any better than when your clients are referring you to their circle of friends.

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