Winning with Leslie Groene May 2015
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Ways to Make Sure Don't Have Enough Business!
  • Don't provide readily available and consistent contact information.
    • Your phone numbers are different on your business card, email address or voice mail message.
  • You don't have a signature on your emails.
    • Prospects and clients have to look up your number to call you.
  • Don't return phone calls or emails promptly.
    • We need to be super responsive in this competitive marketplace.
  • Take phone calls or check emails when meeting with clients or prospects.
    • Technology makes this tempting but we must be considerate and focused in the moment.
  • Over sell to customer by hyping your business and being too pushy.
    • There is a fine line between being persistent and a pest- you must know the difference!
  • You are continuing to sell with a transactional perspective instead of a consultative approach.
    • Prospects and clients want to learn 'how' you can help them not 'what' you sell.
  • Being late to meetings or presentations.
    • Turning in proposals late is also a big no-no; we can be disqualified for not respecting the timeline.
These business faux pas are a result of failing to think of your business and actions through your customers' eyes. Think about what turns you off as a customer and you'll more easily avoid them

Focus Point
48. Fall in love with people, not projects!
One reason to systematize your daily approach to your work is to give you an objective basis for evaluating your return on your investment of time, efforts and money. Above all, our approach to our jobs must always remain an objective and rational endeavor. When salespeople lose objectivity and begin to work for clients and projects for other more subjective reasons, there is a danger of investing tremendous amounts of time for little or no return on your investment.

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