“Specifically, we contracted Leslie to conduct business development classes and one–on–one coaching sessions with our team of Project Managers. The team has been overwhelming positive about their experience with Leslie, and as a company, we believe she is a key contributing factor to our success. Through Leslie’s help, The Regan Group has experienced 27% sales growth over last year. It is hard to quantify Leslie’s direct impact on the increase, but I am certain that she has greatly contributed to The Regan Group achieving these positive numbers.”

Jennifer TullySenior Vice President, Marketing


“I thoroughly enjoyed the last couple of days with you speaking at our National Sales Seminar! You are a master at your craft. Thank you.” Jeremy TrenaryKelly Paper Sales Manager


“The Western Region Division of KPMG contracted Ms. Groene to conduct quarterly motivational meeting along with business development training to help the firm to launch and facilitate our Local 50 Initiative. This was an initiative that the firm was embarking on to increase revenue with certain accounts.” Jennifer DickensKelly Marketing Communication Manager; Western Region