My expertise and passion have led me to develop expertise in a series of related disciplines, all of which revolve around effective differentiation of a company and its products and services in order to develop new customers and retain current customers


Sales Coaching selling_speechMost sales people would agree that the coaching duties would fall under the responsibilities of a sales manager and should probably be their primary role.  However, it has been my experience that even the best sales managers rarely get around to doing true coaching.  Their time is typically consumed by administrative responsibilities, hiring and firing, as well as trouble shooting problems on work that has already been sold.  Many clients hire Leslie Groene to facilitate this process.


During the coaching process, we build sales peoples’ disciplines, skill sets and knowledge in whatever sequence will have the greatest impact for that individual. We equip each individual with the skills to deal with complex environments, demanding customers and high-value opportunities. This includes a reporting mechanism for management to review monthly in regard to their progress.

  • Provide business development training for sales people
  • Assist with time management and prioritization concerns
  • One on One sales coaching for sales people
  • Create and implement pipeline reports and prospecting reporting mechanisms
  • Analyze estimate capture ratios and address losses and wins
  • Address revenue/client attrition issues and implement plan to recapture lost customers


“I would not have achieved the level of success that I have without Leslie. She has motivated me, kept me on track, and trained me how to be a better and stronger sales person.”

Kary Radestock Print Sales Executive


“Leslie kept my attitude positive and was able to focus my efforts on things I could control.  Through a combination of new business and increased penetration of existing business we were able to replace my largest account with a stronger and more diverse base.” John CollinsPrint Sales Executive