Printing Industries of America Launches New Power Selling Program

WARRENDALE, Pa.—August 28, 2015—Printing Industries of America (PIA) proudly announces the launch of the Power Selling Program. This eight-week turnkey training program features a unique combination of online training, weekly student projects, and live coaching sessions with the sales coach superstar, Leslie Groene. Through the new program, printing firms have the opportunity to enhance their sales revenue by improving the effectiveness of the sales team. The goal of the Power Selling Program is to energize a company’s sales associates, sales managers, and senior executives. The Program promises to expedite onboarding of new sales staff and increase sales results of existing staff through training delivered in a cost effective and efficient way. Participants attend personalized weekly coaching sessions with Leslie Groene where they can ask questions and get answers in real time.

“Leslie Groene is a highly respected sales coach. Her background in the paper and printing industries as a very successful sales rep and team leader makes her the ideal mentor to help your sales team develop a razor focus on revenue generation and profit growth,” said Julie Shaffer, vice president, digital strategies, Printing Industries of America. Although PIA members receive significant savings on the Power Selling Program, the package is also available to nonmembers. The program kicks off on Oct. 12, 2015, and because there are private coaching sessions, participation is limited. For more information on the Power Selling Program, or to register, visit