charts1As an Interim Sales Manager I will implement pipeline processes, create accountable program for sales reps, and deliver relevant training modules to help the team increase revenue from existing accounts and identify and develop new opportunities.

  • Conduct monthly meetings for owners/sales managers focused on sales and marketing
  • Provide business development training for sales people
  • Assist with time management and prioritization concerns
  • One on One sales coaching for sales people
  • Meet with management team focusing on sales issues/hiring effective, successful reps/compensation plans
  • Create tools to measure success levels and establish benchmarks
  • Help owners develop marketing plans and ways to grow revenue
  • Lead the DiSC Personal Profile System with sales/management/production teams
  • Develop and facilitate sales/company retreat
  • Facilitate team building activities
  • Help companies create a library of relevant case studies and white papers to use market facing
  • CSR and inside sales training programs to accommodate many different goals and issues


“Ms. Groene is engaging and motivating while providing the groups in all six of our offices pertinent information which enabled them to reach out to their customers and create opportunities for new revenue. She was very good at adapting to the strengths of each sales professional and if working with them on customized goals that fit their sales style. As our outsourced sales manager, she was successful in part to her dynamic approach that kept our sales professionals focused on their goals.”

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