Here are a few words from some of the professionals that I have worked with:



On behalf of the entire FASTSIGNS network, we want to thank you for participating as a Speaker in our General Session: Successful Execution of the Consultative Selling Process and as a Speaker in our Breakout Session: Managing the Relationship, Not just the Project at the 2015 FASTSIGNS International Convention in Dallas last month. Our convention was a great success and a significant contributing factor to that success was our outstanding content of our general sessions, breakout panels, and roundtables. You did an outstanding job and we really appreciate your contributions and participation.

Catherine Monson / Chief Executive Officer Mark L. Jameson / Executive Vice President, Franchise Support and Development



I am pleased to offer my recommendation for Leslie Groene as a motivational speaker and business development trainer. The Western Region Division of KPMG contracted Ms. Groene to conduct quarterly motivational meeting along with business development training to help the firm to launch and facilitate our Local 50 Initiative. This was an initiative that the firm was embarking on to increase revenue with certain accounts. Ms. Groene was engaging and motivating while providing the different groups in 15 markets, pertinent information which enabled them to reach out to their customers and create opportunities for new revenue. The program was successful in part to her dynamic approach that kept of our accounting professionals focuses on the goal! I would highly recommend Ms. Groene to any one that seeks a professional, prepared and inspiring speaker.

Jennifer Dickens / Marketing Communication Manager, Western Region


The REGAN Group

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Leslie Groene of Groene Consulting.  Leslie has worked with our organization from Jan-Dec 2007. We hired her as sales consultant and will continue to use her in 2008. Specifically, we contracted Leslie to conduct business development classes and one-on-one coaching sessions with our team of Project Managers. The team has been overwhelmingly positive about their experience with Leslie, and as a company, we believe she is a key contributing factor to our success. During Leslie’s service with us I admired her for her many valuable qualities, and regarded her with evermore respect.  Very goal oriented as well as a team player, Leslie has always been punctual, yet easygoing.  She is keenly devoted to her work, but being a real people person, she is also enjoyable to be around. Leslie has demonstrated from the moment we brought her into the organization that she understands what business is all about. She is well organized and thrives under adversity. She has kept a sharp eye on the bottom line, but realizes too that customer satisfaction is what makes or breaks a business. I suppose doing well in business is easy if you are, as she is, driven in equal measure by both quality and efficiency. Through Leslie’s help, The Regan Group has experienced 27% sales growth over last year. It is hard to quantify Leslie’s direct impact on the increase, but I am certain that she has greatly contributed to The Regan Group achieving these positive numbers. In closing, let me say I have no hesitation in recommending Leslie Groene and her programs to any company that wants to grow their business and increase their selling skills. She will bring her contagious enthusiasm to what can be a pretty dry subject while creating an excellent environment for team building.

Jennifer Tully  / Senior Vice President, Marketing


Anderson Printing

I began working with Leslie Greone as a sales coach. In the beginning, I paid for her coaching fee out of my own pocket because management didn’t want to incur any additional expenses.  I felt strongly that I would benefit from her coaching and felt it was worth it for me to pay for an opportunity for greater success.  At that time, I was selling about $1,000,000 a year.  Shortly after we started, I lost my biggest account -which made up 40% of my business. We have worked hard over the years, rebuilding that business and adding to it. Over the past 6 years my business has grown two and a half times of where I started and I can truly say that I would not have achieved the success that I have without Leslie.  She has motivated me, kept me on track, and trained me how to be a better and stronger sales person. Leslie focuses on sales goals, but also goes beyond. She sees that balance in life is important (and makes one more productive) and helps set overall goals as well. If it’s a new Mercedes you want, or buying your first home – Leslie helps you set goals to achieve that which you most want out of life. Leslie and I meet once a month for coaching. We plan for the year in January and then at our monthly sessions, strategize about how to reach those goals. Anderson Printing now pays for the coaching sessions, because Leslie has proven to deliver results. I intend to continue to grow my business and Leslie will continue to be part of my support system. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to achieve a greater level of success.

Kary Radestock / Sales Representative


Penn Litho & Fulfillment

I consider myself fortunate to be working for a company that would provide its sales people with a sales coach. Most people in our industry would agree that this duty would fall under the responsibilities of a sales manager and should probably be their primary role. However, it has been my experience that even the best sales managers rarely get around to doing true coaching.  Their time is typically consumed by administrative responsibilities, hiring and firing, as well as trouble shooting problems on work that has already been sold. Here at Penn Lithographics things are no different except for the fact that our management team hired a consultant named Leslie Groene to facilitate this process. I first met Leslie in February of 2001. At that time my annual sales were at the two million dollar mark.  I had concerns that my top client, who was responsible for 60% of my business, was experiencing legal problems which ultimately resulted in their business closing. Leslie listened to my concerns and was able to redirect my efforts by using time management and goal setting techniques. Leslie encouraged me to prospect for new business but showed me how simple it was to make warm calls instead of cold ones. She kept my attitude positive and was able to focus my efforts on things I could control.  Through a combination of new business and increased penetration of existing business we were able to replace my largest account with a stronger and more diverse base. This was done with only one hour a week of coaching and the benefits were realized without ever having a dip in sales. I currently work with Leslie on more of a maintenance program. We meet weekly for quick questions and monthly for more intense strategizing sessions. Even in this tough economy we are experiencing, my sales have continued to increase. My projected sales for 2004 are on course to be $3,800,000 after eleven months. This represents a 90% increase over my volume from three years ago. I attribute this largely to the positive, professional direction and encouragement I receive through coaching.

John Collins / Account Executive