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Picture Yourself & the Life You Want is a practical and inspirational guide to getting what you want in your life. This book will help you get back in touch with that part of you that is not afraid to pursue your dream, whatever that dream may be! Leslie Groene walks you through a simple process for tapping into your inner resources and unleashing the passion you have for excellence. Picture Yourself & the Life You Want provides you with a framework and foundation to build upon and guides you step by step through the choices that will confront you in your sales and work career.



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Leslie Groene’s “Picture Yourself & The Life You Want” is a concise overview of the life insights of someone who has “walked the walk” not just “talked the talk”.

Robert Lindgren, President, Printing Industries of America Southern California


Leslie combines an impressive track record of sales achievement with a unique talent of deciphering the most important skills needed to succeed and dispenses some of the best sales advise available today. Owners, sales managers, and sales people alike have all responded to her style and substance with excitement and proven results. If you want to grow your business, read this book!

Jeff Housman, Account Executive, AGT


Leslie has turned her own exceptional skills into tips for Top Reps and those-who-want- to-be. I have witnessed firsthand Leslie’s commitment to her clients and their success (a secret to her own success). She is a master of goal setting and more, importantly, follow through. Stop waiting to be successful, start reading·

Alan Bernstein, Sales Manager, PaceNavigator


My colleague and friend, Leslie Groene, has always been a “bottom-line” person. She is driven by a unique and intense passion not only to succeed in her own life, but to facilitate the success of her coaching clients and those around her. This book captures that spirit and delivers it in a captivating manner to the reader!

Carol Geddes, President, Penn Litho and Fulfillment


Let’s face it, in today’s competitive world we all need to focus on business development and know how to sell. Reading and applying the principles of this book will help you take the first step towards realizing the success that you deserve.

Donna Hansen, Partner, KPMG


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