Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Managing the Total Cost of Project Ownership

Clients and Management are always looking for ways to cut the costs of doing business, and print is always a target for budget cuts. Meanwhile, the print production team needs to get the project printed on time, within budget and often with this pressure to continually cut the costs related to print.

What the production manager knows is that the cost of the printed material is actually small compared to the total cost associated with the item. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) includes many elements that are not readily calculated, from the cost of design and project management to the cost of keeping an item in inventory. Often the gap between what management sees as a “no brainer” has the production team scratching their heads.

Enter a group of experts who must decipher and apply the correct formulas to enable the best possible printed outcome. The APALA January meeting will host a panel of people who deal with this reality every day, from various perspectives such as paper choices, premedia and proofing strategies, inventory solutions and of course incorporating the right production techniques. These people will be sharing from their experience the tricks of today’s trade in keeping the TCO within reason.

Join Leslie Groene as she moderates panelists including Nan Faessler, Business Development Director at xpedx. Libby Syth, Manager of Business Services at the Capital Group Companies and Andrew Lee, Account Executive at LAgraphico.