“I shouldn’t call these prospects at 8am because they are just getting in the office. I’ll give them some time to settle in.”

  • “I shouldn’t call these prospects at 10am because they’ll be in meetings.”
  • “I can’t call now because it is lunch time.”
  • “I shouldn’t call now because they are probably returning phone calls after lunch.”
  • “It’s 3pm and calling now is a bad idea because the prospect is probably not in the mood to talk to a salesperson this late in the afternoon.”
  • “I can’t call now because it is 5pm and it is time to go home. I guess I’ll try again tomorrow.”

Salespeople across all industries and experience levels ask me this question: The reason they ask is because they are trying to avoid making the calls so they as use the best time  as the excuse.

The best time to make a call is any time you will actually make the call!

Focus Point # 13: Establish a routine that allows you to be productive.

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